10 things to consider when training on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Letitia Oglesby
November, 2022

If you are updating your processes internally across Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, you need to make sure you retrain your staff.


This might seem obvious, but it’s more than just handing out a guide and telling the team things have changed.


– Whoever you use to train you and help develop a strategy/goals, bring them in to train the team across the changes. You can do this in one sitting or large groups to keep costs down, but do it!


– Train “ambassadors” internally. We did this and it’s a huge help. Again, this was done with Jennie Child – Train the trainer.

I’m now able to implement DE&I training internally, as well as keeping consultants up to date with policies and procedures that might change.


Why is it important to train all members of the team on DE&I and what are the benefits?

1. To raise awareness – If they are more aware of potential, unconscious bias in the workplace, they are more likely to notice when these may pop up, and eliminate them.


2. To better educate staff – Enhance their cultural awareness and give them the skills to work with others successfully.


3. Develop inclusive thinking and actions in the workplace – Training staff on this helps employees make more of a conscious effort to make ALL feel comfortable and valued. Not only that, but they can do this with confidence and makes everyone feel supported.


4. They will be more considerate – It can really help employees understand the difficulties of their colleagues and will make them think about how their words/actions may unintentionally hurt or offend someone.


5. A bigger talent pool – you’ll hear this a lot. Top talent is hard to find, but excluding certain diverse groups is going to make that 3/4 times harder! Are you really accessing TOP talent if you’re missing out on a huge percentage of candidates by not being inclusive?


6. Like mindedness – With an inclusive culture, and a team that echo’s this, you are more likely to build a community in the workplace of people who support the vision, and want to be a part of change. It will make the journey so much easier.


7. Higher profits – Research shows that companies with a more diverse and inclusive culture make more money!


8. Employee retention – studies also show that companies with diverse workplace cultures are better at retaining high-quality employees.


9. Avoid cultural insensitivity – Increasing awareness of other cultures and diverse groups can help prevent external communication that may negatively impact your business, no matter how unintentional.


10. Competitive advantage – It’s a given, if you are taking the above into consideration you are going to better serve your clients or your target audience. You will retain staff at a higher rate and create a culture people want to be a part of.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ for training, but there are some amazing trainers out there. Do your research and reach out to companies/individuals you think would be the right fit for your organisation.


DE&I is one of the key drivers for candidates exploring opportunities, having an effective training programme is essential to attract the right people to your business.


For more information, get in touch with letitia@elizabethnorman.com, or click here to download our DE&I guide to get started!


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