10 Tips: Perfecting Your Presentation

Letitia Oglesby
August, 2023

perfecting your presentation

Your ability to deliver a compelling presentation, and one that stands-out, is one of the deciding factors when interviewing for a role.

Perfecting your presentation technique can set you apart from other interviewees, and here are our tips to help!



 ⒈ Make sure you fully understand the task assigned, and what the client/interviewer is looking to see. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure – this shows your commitment to getting this right, and attention to detail.

⒉ Make a plan before diving in. Break the task down into smaller steps and create a timeline to manage your time efficiently.

⒊ Get creative! While the most important bit Is the information, adding your own creative flair can help you stand out – visuals, storytelling, etc. Also, think about innovative ways you can approach the task, without compromising clear objectives.

⒋ Pay extra attention to the details of the task – double check errors, inconsistencies or anything that might be missed.

⒌ Make sure you understand and highlight how the task aligns with the companies’ goals or industry trends. Provide evidence-based research around the how and your why! It will show your understanding of the bigger picture.

⒍ Show off your problem-solving skills. If the task involves overcoming challenges, explain your thought process during the presentation to showcase your analytical thinking.

⒎ Perfect your communication skills. Make sure you are being clear and concise when presenting your task. Avoid using jargon or terminology they may not understand.

⒏ Where possible, provide measurable results – it’s important they see the potential outcome of an investment whether time or money, and shows you’re results oriented.

Practice! In the run up, try it out on a family member or friend – it helps to retain information and means you can explain your process and way of thinking more confidently.

10. Always and I mean ALWAYS, make time for a Q&A – they might have some concerns to raise that you can iron out, or some expansion on some great ideas raised.

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