September, 2023

Insights Careers Map: View Our Infographic

In just the UK alone, the Insight sector is worth more than £7billion, employing more than 64,000 people. Complex and rapidly growing, it is at the heart of strategic planning across a wide range of organisations and markets. This has led to a need for a huge variety of skills and backgrounds, each with their own job title so it’s not an easy profession to navigate.

The below infographic shows the key employer areas of Insight.

  • Client-side: represents organisations both large and small whose focus is on getting the right insight information to the right people, at the right time and in the right format to drive change.
  • Consultancies: represents organisations who similarly use information to drive change, but change for their clients rather than themselves.
  • Agencies: represents all the organisations related to the gathering and analysis of data, including disciplines such as market research, market and competitor intelligence and data analytics.
  • Tech: represents organisations that provide the technology to make the gathering and analysis of the information possible.

The routes show the career paths within insight and some of the most common job titles. The zones reflect the salary bands those roles fall into, and the symbols reflect some of the most commonly sought skills.

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