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Letitia Oglesby
December, 2022

It’s common knowledge that most recruitment winds down for businesses in December, meaning you can have a much tougher time come January when you’re trying to get ahead of the job hunt.

Fortunately, December isn’t as quiet for us. Some of that is due to the profession we work in, Market Research, Insights and Analytics, some is the big push our consultants have to keep the momentum.

There are a number of reasons why candidates should be looking ahead of the new year to secure a new role and why recruiters should support them.


1. Get ahead of the rush! There is no question that most people will save their search until January. Get ahead by keeping momentum going at the end of the year. You will still get to switch off and enjoy your time around the holidays.

2. People tend to wait until the end of the year to leave, meaning there are likely to be more opportunities available.

3. Employers want to be ready for the new year. Having people ready to start in January is more than likely the goal, but with candidates tempted to slow down this can be difficult. Stand out and get ahead.

4. Budgets are more than likely determined already, meaning employers will start planning for the year ahead. It can also mean leaders are spending their remaining budget so they don’t lose it altogether (and January budgets are often tighter with it being the start of the year).

5. Clear calendars – Typically, December is much quieter for hiring managers, meaning there is more time to interview! It’s likely less people will be applying for you “dream job”, so make sure you are!


So, whether you have been actively looking for a couple of months, or are planning in the new year, it’s safe to say that it’s worth getting ahead of the curve and keeping/starting momentum on your job hunt.

If you are looking for roles in Market Research, Insights and Analytics we have a number of exciting opportunities both agency and client side.

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