DE&I, making commitments and seeing them through

Letitia Oglesby
November, 2022

Over the last 6 weeks we have shared tips on how to create a more inclusive hiring strategy, as well as supporting diverse talent through the recruitment process.


This covered things like:

  • Working with experts to define a strategy and set goals
  • Updating internal policies and processes
  • Training internal staff on those changes/best practice
  • The structure/wording of adverts and how important this is to external talent
We have shared our DE&I guide a number of times – you can catch it here.


Set goals over the coming months (6-12) and outline what you want to achieve in that time frame. Stick to it, and you will without a doubt see results.


It’s important to remember that DE&I is ongoing, it’s also a constant investment whether its time or money – something that should be considered when you start your journey.

DE&I, Commitment

If you are looking for support on making your hiring processes more inclusive, we would be happy to help. Whether it’s advice or hiring, please get in touch with our DE&I team:

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