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Amanda Osenton
October, 2015


According to online sources, here is a small guide on… How to become a Secret Agent:

Building Spy Skills

  1. Be charismatic.

James Bond isn’t a great secret agent because he was the strongest, sneakiest, or the smartest. What he lacks in traditional action-hero skills, he makes up for in his ability to adapt to himself to the situation and the setting.

  1. Spend time perfecting your acting skills with different kinds of people.

Go places you might not be welcome and try to fit in and learn everything you can from the locals. Can you pretend to be a southern mill worker, struggling to make ends meet?

  1. Learn to detect lies.You’ve got to be able to find the lie quickly and efficiently.
  1. Stay in shape and be athletic.
  1. Learn to speak many different languages.
  1. Learn to read body language.

Joining an Intelligence Organisation

  1. Get an advanced degree in business, foreign languages, or law enforcement. There’s no such thing as an uneducated secret agent. Language skills, international and policy law, and business administration are all sought-out in particular. Study something that will have you involved with global politics. Military experience is also valuable.
  2. Fill out an application with a governmental intelligence agency.To make your secret agent status official, it’s likely that you’ll need to get a job working for your government in a covert capacity.
  3. Submit to a background check.To work as a secret agency, you need to have an exceedingly clean record. A polygraph test will be administered to check the accuracy of your claims.
  4. Streamline your life.If you’re lucky enough to be one of the few who work in some capacity for a governmental agency, congratulations! But now the real work begins. Try to keep a minimum amount of possessions and live a relatively spartan existence. Don’t keep anything around that you’re not willing to walk out on in a minute flat, if trouble comes calling. Excess connections and responsibilities can be a liability. Make your job your life. You’re a secret agent, after all! Being a spy can make interpersonal and romantic relationships very difficult. It’s likely that you won’t even be able to tell your friends and family about what you do for a living. Will they be ok with this? Will you?
  5. Consider making yourself available for industrial or corporate espionage. There are more than one kind of secret agent, so if you have a less than clean record but a good set of espionage skills, you might consider getting into corporate espionage, working for a large corporation to spy on other corporations and report back.

Going Undercover

  1. Learn about the cultures and political climate of the places you’ll be embedded.
  2. Get a good cover story and make local contacts. It’s likely that you’ll be set up with a new fake identity when you’re going into the field.
  3. Get to know your target. Keep your enemy close. For the most part, you won’t be spying on your targets from a distance, looking through binoculars at shadowy deals going down. You’ll be meeting with them face-to-face, swiping their hard drive and making a clean get-away. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical that you work your way into your target’s good graces.
  4. Blend in. If you want to spy, you should blend in with crowds and communities so it seem like you belong. If you’re spying on a location, have a good reason to be there. Wear common clothing for the location, which is not easily identifiable. Avoid attracting attention.
  5. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t get too comfortable. Learn to think on your feet and be resourceful in any kind of situation.
  6. Gather intelligence. Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, anything that shakes up the routine of your target, your location, or the situation.
  7. Get the hardware and software of the pros. Spy and Surveillance gadgets can be essential to the job, and it’s likely you’ll end up using high-tech equipment as your eyes and ears.
  8. Prepare a “go” bag. A good secret agent always has a bag with essentials packed up in case of emergency.
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