ENI’s Mission to Transform Talent in the Insight Industry – Empowering Diversity

Letitia Oglesby
June, 2024

“At ENI, our mission statement is at the heart of everything we do: We believe a diverse profession needs diverse talent. The world of insight is wide and varied, so are the people needed to power it. That’s why ENI looks beyond the obvious to recruit the talent you need.”


Finding ‘The One’

Insights is all about finding that one, crucial piece of information that can change everything. That requires more than just technical skills; it requires a unique ability to see data differently. Our team are experts at sourcing talent with the experience and perspectives to cut through the noise, by finding those that can look at data from multiple angles, ensuring every stone is turned.


Embracing DE&I

The world of Insight is complex and needs a workforce as diverse as the challenges it faces. We believe talent should come from all walks of life, whether it’s background, disability or any other aspect, diversity is key to driving innovation. We look beyond the obvious to find the diverse talent the industry needs, opening doors for individuals of all backgrounds.


We’re actively working to improve representation across the industry by working on several initiatives. From addressing ageism, to supporting those with autism in the workplace, and creating inclusive environments, we aim to create opportunities for all whilst ensuring the industry benefits from a range of perspectives and experiences. If you’d like any information on our most recent initiatives get in touch with letitia@elizabethnorman.com.


Hidden Talent…

In a competitive and complex industry, finding the right (and best!) talent can be tough, but at ENI we’re able to uncover the ‘hidden gems’ that others overlook. Just like insights projects, talent is diverse. Finding these hidden gems can help organisations drive innovation, encourages creativity internally, and ensures everyone has a seat at the table.


We Build Meaningful Relationships

At ENI, we believe in the power of partnerships and work closely with clients and candidates to find the perfect fit. Our goal is to connect clients with exceptional talent that offer new ideas and perspectives, and connecting candidates to leading organisations that are pathing the way for the profession. It’s about making meaningful connections that benefit EVERYONE, not just now, but in the future.


If you are looking for opportunities in insight, or are a business looking to improve your recruitment strategy and the way you hire, particularly when expanding, restructuring or going through major business change, please get in touch: hello@elizabethnorman.com


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