Graduates – Interested in a career in Insights/Data/Analytics?

Letitia Oglesby
March, 2022

The UK Insights profession contribute over £7billion to the UK economy, employ more than 64,000 people, has grown consistently for the last 50 years and is constantly innovating.
Insight professionals are employed within blue-chip global organisations, consultancies, and small boutique data suppliers, some choose to be self-employed, others start up new organisations. They are employed across a wide range of markets including government, consumer manufacturers, media, healthcare suppliers, retailers and financial organisations. Once trained, your skills will be in demand across the globe if international opportunities are of interest.

What Insight and Data specialists all have in common is an interest in how people/consumer understanding can be used to create strategic impact.

The profession employs school leavers and graduates across a range of disciplines, including psychology, economics, maths, social sciences, and politics. Progression is rapid and the range of opportunities enormous.

Know someone that might be of interest? ESOMAR are holding a careers talk on Insight on Friday the 1st of April at 3pm, with Leicester University.

Interested? anyone can attend. No need to register, just click the link below on Friday at 3pm.

Our CEO Liz Norman will be one of many experts contributing. We hope to see you there!

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