Neurodiversity and your organisation – how to create inclusive environments.

Letitia Oglesby
July, 2022

Insight as a profession has been talent short for many years.  As an organisation we are passionate about broadening the pool of talent available, and a particular area of interest is the neuro-diverse, where a significant proportion struggle to find work but many have skills that are needed in our sector.
ENI, Edwin Coe LLP and Inclusive Environments Ltd have partnered together to deliver a series of webinars that looks at neurodiversity in the workplace, how business can support employees, challenges some of the common misconceptions about employing and managing neurodiverse staff an why it matters.  We talk about how you can not only attract, but also leverage, retain and promote neurodiverse talent.  If you missed them you can catch up with using the links below.

This series aims to inspire, drawing on ‘real life’ examples, and give confidence to those within a business recruiting staff.

Session 1:  What is Neurodiversity? How can it benefit your organisation? – 10am Wednesday, 27 April 2022

In this session we introduce the series, the speakers and what you can expect to learn/discuss in the coming weeks. We look at the definition of neurodiversity and how it can benefit organisations and increase the talent pool.

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Session 2:  What are the barriers to entry and promotion within the workplace for neurodiverse staff? – 10am Wednesday, 11 May 2022

In this session we share industry statistics, highlight invisible barriers within recruitment and the onboarding process and the importance of workplace spaces.

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Session 3:  Lifting the barriers; removing the fear – 12pm Tuesday, 24 May 2022

In this session we talk about creating adaptable working spaces, how to make your recruitment process more inclusive, encourage disclosure and highlight the benefits of a diverse team.

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Session 4:  It’s a Win-Win:  Q&A panel discussion on lessons learned – 10am Wednesday, 8 June 2022

In this session we share some real life case studies! Along with some of the challenges faces and successes. There will be highlighted suggestions for the best change employers can make to increase diversity within the workplace and where to source additional help/guidance.

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Session 5: Your questions answered – 10am Wednesday, 22 June 2022

This is a pre-recorded panel discussion to pick up some of the questions raised over the webinar series.

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Liz Norman: CEO/Founder – Elizabeth Norman International

Linky Trott:  Head of Employment – Edwin Coe LLP

Gillian Burgis-Smith: Director – Inclusive Environments Ltd

Jack Fitzpatrick:  Managing Director – Inclusive Environments Ltd

If you have any questions about recruiting in this area, contact Liz Norman or Letitia Oglesby  We would be very happy to help and support you with recruitment in this area.

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