Rachel Hussey from Elizabeth Norman International looks at why people are emigrating to Australia for work

Letitia Oglesby
September, 2016

At Elizabeth Norman International (ENI) we recruit for roles in market research and insights. While we mainly cover roles within the UK, we’ve also recruited across the rest of Europe, Asia, and Australia. The insights industry in Australia is a lot smaller than other places, particularly the UK, and as a result, a lot of research agencies and consultancies struggle to find specialist talent, which is why many places are interested in recruiting from abroad. This also means that there is significant scope for progression once that move has been made.

Post-Brexit blues?

In our current economic climate, and due to the uncertainty left in the wake of Brexit, many are now considering the possibility of emigration. With a warmer climate, relaxed lifestyle and economic stability, Australia has long been a popular choice for expats from the UK (and many other countries). In fact, in a 2015 UN report that measured quality of life, Australia was ranked second in the world. So, why Australia? As mentioned, people have many different reasons for making the move. Interestingly enough, when you type ‘reasons to move to’ into Google, Australia is the second suggestion.

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Here are five reasons Australia is one of the best places to relocate to:

1. Climate: Weather is important to many, but particularly Brits. A staple of small talk, and something that’s often commented on, our own climate is quite disappointing most of the time (grey… rainy… cold). Australia, with its mild winters and hot summers, therefore provides the exact kind of climate that many seek.
2. Quality of life: Quality of life is often measured by looking at economic data, education, and life expectancy. As cited above, Australia ranks highly in this, and that appears to be the case even for expats. HSBC carries out an Expat Explorer survey, and of Australia they’ve said that “Australia offers expats such a great quality of life that they don’t want to leave.”
3. Stable economy: While Australia has what is considered to be a high cost of living, salaries match this, and as the economy is stable it can be a great choice.
4. Lifestyle: Australia has long been known for a relaxed and family orientated lifestyle. Whether you enjoy going to the beach, exploring nature, are a foodie or just enjoy relaxing at home, there’s something for everyone.
5. Beautiful landscape: Australia is well known for its beautiful beaches, wildlife and nature and provides many an opportunity to travel and explore.


Packing up your life and moving to a different country far from family and friends can be daunting. A lot of people aren’t even sure where to start when it comes to planning a move. The first thing to think about when moving is whether the country you’re moving to requires a visa or residence permit.

Australia operates on a points based visa system. If your profession is on the list of ‘Migration Occupations in Demand’ it is very easy to get sufficient points. If, however, yours isn’t (insights and market research are not although certain programming languages like Java or data warehousing are), then it is still possible to get a sufficient number of points depending on criteria like age, family connections, health and financial assets.

Alternatively, because insights and research aren’t on the ‘MOID’, the best way of securing a move is finding a company that will help with sponsoring you. When you do this, your visa is tied to your employment. A lot of market research organisations are able to do this, and some will have visas in advance, so they are ready to go if and when the right candidate from abroad comes along. There are also other methods (travelling visa etc.), but if your aim is to move there permanently and continue your career without needing to take time out then the first two options are your best bet.

While expat packages are becoming rarer due to the inequality it causes between local people and expats, a lot of companies will offer some sort of assistance with relocation. This may include flights, help with accommodation when you get there and of course, support with your visa. Finding a job with a company before moving can make the move a lot easier, as you’ll have support and people to ask questions to, that sometimes even the internet can’t answer!

At ENI, we’re currently working on some exciting opportunities in Australia for shopper insights specialists. The client will be here w/c 26th September 2016, ready and available to meet with candidates so if you’d like to find out more, then get in touch ASAP on 020 7836 3311, email recruitment@elizabethnorman.com / rachel@elizabethnorman.com or apply below.

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