The Move to Australia – In partnership with Nature

Letitia Oglesby
October, 2022

Over the last few months, ENI have been working closely with Nature on building their teams across Market Research, Insights and Analytics. We have worked across a number of their offices, placing UK based candidates in their new role.

After 2 successful events to support talent in making the decision to move, we held this online – for those that can’t make it to London, the schedule didn’t work or just missed it!

Nature offer full support with:

  • Visa application for you and your family
  • Accommodation and flights
  • Living allowance depending on your needs

You can expect to hear about:

  • The roles on offer
  • Salary bandings across Oz
  • Info on how they will support the move
  • The Australian way of life (and cost of living info!)
  • The insights industry in Oz and where it’s heading

Chris set up Nature to take clients to “the next level”. He describes it as a penny drop moment – the job of a research agency is to provide actionable insights beyond just delivering data, but helping them close the gap. And that’s exactly what they do.

Nature is all about giving the a great experience and doing great work. Doing those things really well and focusing on the things you can control will result in demand for services.

Now, I know some of you will be looking to get to the good parts, so I’ve time stamped a few of the highlights below:

  • 00:00:10 – 00:1:00 : Liz Norman, a quick intro and her take on Australia having had an office there, and lived there in the past.
  • 00:1:00 – 00:5:30 – Myth busting! Sakes, Spiders, Climate and BBQ’s
  • 00:5:30 -00: 5:40 – Agenda
  • 00:5:43 – 00:21:13  Melbourne. Everything you will need to know from the culture, cost of living, property, attractions and so on. Chris also talks about their office base here (Cremorne).
  • 00:21:15 – 00:25:00 Sydney! Similar to Melbourne, Chris talks through the details of gorgeous weather, costs, property, attractions and again, their office base (north shore).
  • 00:25:03 – 00:30:35 Healthcare, pensions (Super), visas
  • 00:30:39 – 00:35:22 Insight in Australia
  • 00:35:38 – End – Nature. What they do, what they are known for, who they work with and more!

Get in touch with us directly if you would like to hear more about opportunities with Nature:

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