Video: Lessons we can learn from China – staying ahead in a time of disruption & change.

Letitia Oglesby
September, 2020

Rewatch our commercial insight webinar series with Jan Van Loon. You can also download the PPT deck on this page and check out the answers to the questions raised too.
In partnership with Jan Van Loon, CEO of White Caviar and former Deputy MD at Kantar Added Value in China, we hosted a webinar to understand the trends in China to give an idea of what a post-covid market might look like, what strategies have worked for clients and also the cultural and commercial shifts which have enabled businesses to work more effectively.

We discussed 5 key areas including “What is the new normal”, China Now and What new innovations have been successful. We also talk about China’s general view of other countries attitudes towards Covid19, how an already digitally enabled state has used this to their advantage and leaps forward in healthcare too. From helmets that can tell your temperature to how brands struck the right tone at each stage of lockdown and normalisation, there is something interesting for everyone.

If you have time to check out the webinar in full, there was a good Q&A all the way through. If you’re short on time then do have a look at the slides but also the Q&A deck as well as there is some interesting answers in there.

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