What’s in a name?

Letitia Oglesby
September, 2015

Market Research, Insight, Business Intelligence? Which name best identifies the industry as a whole? In an attempt to define itself, the industry has oscillated between names. The end result being very few are aware of exactly what the industry offers in its entirety not only externally, but internally. The large study we did with the MRS and ESOMAR into attraction and retention of talent, shows that one of the frustrations of the industry is we aren’t proud enough of who we are. We don’t look very certain or proud, if we can’t identify ourselves with one clear name. Let’s choose one and shout about it.
Job titles can be equally confusing. Again these often change, often in an attempt to redefine ourselves as more consultative, but it takes more than a name. As a result it very hard to be clear about the level of responsibility or skill is meant by a particular job title, and how to progress to that level. What is the difference between, a CMI Director, an Insight Strategist, a Product/Innovation and Strategy Consultant, a Group Account Director, and Insights and Analytics Head?

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