Where’s the market research and insight industry heading?

Letitia Oglesby
January, 2019

The research and insight industry has always been one fuelled by relentless innovation, and 2018 seemed a big year for changing within the insights industry. We spoke to our community of research, insight and data professionals to get your insights on what 2018 had in store for you. These were some of the key themes… 
Clients’ needs are driving change:
1. More and more research and insight is being brought in-house. This is partly driven by the wealth of data and technology now available.
2. Insights need to be delivered faster than ever before, as business decisions are speed-critical.
3. Clients still want evidence led decision making
4. Clients are more willing to try newer digital research methodologies
5. Clients, more than ever, want strategic partners to help them grow their businesses.

The impact this is having on insight providers is:
1. Demand for increased speed, and short actionable insight solutions
2. Research & data agencies currently provide either basic data, or high-level strategic advice, is there a sweet spot in the middle?
3. Increasing competition from data providers like Google & Facebook etc.
4. Research agencies need to show they’re innovative and keeping up with the changes, providing new methodologies and approaches to uncover insight.

Do you agree? What did you experience in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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