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A diverse profession needs diverse talent.  The world of insight is wide and varied so are the people needed to power it, that’s why ENI looks beyond the obvious to recruit the talent you need.

Part of the broader Data Analytics and information profession, vacancy types include:

The analysis of data, typically large sets of people and market data, by the use of mathematics, statistics and computer software.

As the number of approaches and technologies expands, there is a need for specialists to help clients select and utilise the wide range of services offered.

Customer Experience, the customers perceptions and feelings resulting from interactions with the brand’s products and services. User Experience, analysis of how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system or service. Used to create products that provide easy, meaningful and relevant experiences.

Cultural insight, understanding how customers interact with different products and services and how those differ between cultures. Futures, an understanding of how markets are evolving to ensure that products and services remain competitive and adapt to a changing world.

Creating specific business and market strategies, based on a deep understanding of the customer and market. Enabling an organisation to achieve its long-term ambition.

The systematic gathering, recording of analysis of information about consumers’ needs and preferences.

Market intelligence is gathering and analysing information relevant to a company’s market – trends, competitor and customer monitoring. Includes competitive intelligence.

The provision of operational and technical services, supporting the need for research and data to be collected in better and better ways.

Research focused around the needs of the not for profit sector. Evaluation Research – evaluates the effectiveness of policy decisions and communications by the government.

We’ve recruited for some of the biggest names in the world

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

ENI are the first recruitment agency to partner with Includability. Our mission is to champion equality, diversity and create inclusivity within insights.

We partner with MFHA England and offer Mental Health First Aid training to all consultants.

We believe measuring to create change and have partnered with Diversely. We help businesses win the war on talent by starting at sourcing, discovering your data, measuring your progress and attracting under-represented talent.

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